Yotsuba&! Volume 14

よつばと! 第14巻

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  • Not released yet.


The following chapters published in Dengeki Daioh (as of September 2017) have not yet been collected in a tankōbon volume, but are expected to come out in volume 14.

  • 91. "Yotsuba & Work" (よつばとしごと "Yotsuba to Shigoto")
  • 92. "Yotsuba & Yoga" (よつばとヨガ "Yotsuba to Yoga")
  • 93. "Yotsuba & Princesses" (よつばとお姫様たち "Yotsuba to Ohimesama-tachi")
  • 94. "Yotsuba & The Day Before" (よつばとその前日 "Yotsuba to Sono Zenjitsu")
  • 95. "Yotsuba & Tokyo (Part 1)" (よつばととうきょう(前編) "Yotsuba to Tokyō (zenpen)")
  • 96. "Yotsuba & Tokyo (Part 2)" (よつばととうきょう(後編) "Yotsuba to Tokyō (kōhen)")
  • 97. "Yotsuba & The Park" (よつばとこうえん "Yotsuba to Kōen")

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