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Yotsuba&! Volume 12

よつばと! 第12巻

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  • 77. "Yotsuba & Torako" (よつばととらこ "Yotsuba to Torako")
    • Story date: date uncertain[1]
  • 78. "Yotsuba & Blue" (よつばとあおいろ "Yotsuba to Aoiro")
    • Story date: date uncertain
  • 79. "Yotsuba & Caret Marks" (よつばとへ "Yotsuba to He")[2]
    • Story date: date uncertain
  • 79. "Yotsuba & Helmet" (よつばとヘルメット "Yotsuba to Herumetto")
    • Story date: date uncertain
  • 80. "Yotsuba & Halloween" (よつばとハロウィン "Yotsuba to Harowin")
    • Story date: 31 October[3]
  • 81. "Yotsuba & Camping, 1" (よつばとキャンプ(前) "Yotsuba to Kyanpu (Mae)")
    • Story date: 1 November[4]
  • 82. "Yotsuba & Camping, 2" (よつばとキャンプ(後) "Yotsuba to Kyanpu (Go)")
    • Story date: 1 November


  1. What we only know from the chapter was that it was a weekday and a schoolday.
  2. Two separate chapters were published in Dengeki Daioh numbered "chapter 79", one of which is this chapter. This chapter is a short chapter which was later put in the front of the volume as an introduction. The "caret marks" in question refers to the flock of birds which Yotsuba saw flying in the formation of a caret mark.
  3. This chapter takes place on Halloween.
  4. In chapter 80, they were going to go camping "in the morning".

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