Title: Cold-hearted Kokoro

Published: Approximately March 2000 in Game-jin

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Next Chapter → 8


Kokoro is firm around Wallaby as usual, which he is dissatisfied with. When Kokoro is at school and Wallaby is bored, Emi comes to her house, discovers Wallaby and takes him with her. When Kokoro comes home, she is unable to find Wallaby and, encouraged by Lalilalulala, starts worrying that Wallaby might have run away because of her cold behaviour.


  • Kokoro comments on how she wanted to try being nicer but how it's not going well.
  • When Kokoro looks for Wallaby, she wonders if he might have gone somewhere with Lalilalulala, since they have had a lot of interaction including discussing the possibility of Wallaby becoming human again.



Cultural References

  • Wallaby plays PlayStation once again. He also reads a book.
  • The TV in Kokoro's room.

Unanswered Questions

How old Emi is.

Memorable Moments

  • Emi's first appearance, and her taking Wallaby home without telling her relative Kokoro.
  • When Kokoro starts to wonder if Wallaby ran away because he disliked living with her so much.


16px-Quote1 I wish you would be nicer … 16px-Quote2
Wallaby (to Kokoro)
16px-Quote1 Hum, I was thinking of being nicer but … It's kind of not coming out well … In the end, I'm so clumsy with people that I end up sounding cold. Ah … It must be a youth thing. 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 What's gonna happen now!? 16px-Quote2
Wallaby (when he is taken to Emi's house)
16px-Quote1 … He's not here … Why …? Since I was so cold … did he run away? 16px-Quote2
Kokoro (on Wallaby)

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