Time Pavement (Japanese: 時の歩道), is one of Osaka's character songs. It is included in the album Ayumu Kasuga (Osaka) "Firmly TRY La Lai". The song is written by Aki Hata (lyrics) and Masumi Ito (music and arrangement).


Japanese Romaji English

時計の音は ゆっくり手招きの小鳥

Amai RIZUMU kizamu yo

tokei no oto wa yukkuri temaneki no kotori

Such an easy rhythm ticking

It's the sound of the clock The little bird gently beckoning


みんなどこだろ? ぼんやり眠りの時間

Konna KURASU shiranai?

minna doko daro? bonyari nemuri no jikan

What a strange class

I wonder where everyone is Time to drift off


だから何でもできそうな Dream 空に小さなあの娘が飛び出せば そうここに Time Pavement

Kyou wa kyou no yume dato wakatteru

dakara nandemo dekisou na DREAM sora ni chiisana anoko ga tobidaseba sou koko ni TIME PAVEMENT

Knowing that today's dream is for today

I feel I can do anything in a dream When the tiny girl flies out to the sky Then the time pavement is here


時計のくせに 翼でアラベスクしてる

Hane ga haete funwari

tokei no kuseni tsubasa de ARABESUKU shiteru

Feathers grow fluffy

Even though a clock She is doing an arabesque with wings


机の上で みんながじっと見ていたよ

Yume no sekai yuretara

tsukue no ue de minna ga jitto miteita yo

When the dream world wavered

Back at my desk Everyone was staring at me intently


ほらねいつものことだから 窓はさっきの涼風うつしてる もう消えた Time Pavement

Dare ga dare no inemuri waratteta?

hora ne itsumo no koto dakara mado wa sakki no suzukaze utsushiteru mou kieta TIME PAVEMENT

Who laughed at whose dozing off?

See, it's a certainty that The window letting in a returning cool breeze The time pavement vanished again


だから何だか楽しみな Dream 空に小さなあの娘もあの人も なかよくね かわいかったね

Kyou wa kyou no yume mite waratteta

dakara nandaka tanoshimi na DREAM sora ni chiisana anoko mo anohito mo nakayoku ne kawaikatta ne

Today I laughed to see today's dream

Because it was a pleasant dream The tiny girl in the sky and that person are becoming friends aren't they? Weren't they cute?

In the anime

Ep 17

Osaka singing "Time Pavement".

In Episode 17, Osaka sings this song at a karaoke bar, receiving a fair amount of praise from her friends for her performance. She gets 65 points, which, as the others point out, is much better than her average test score at school.

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