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Original Soundtrack It brings together board "Azumanga Daioh" TV Anime
TVアニメ「あずまんが大王」オリジナルサウンドトラック おまとめ盤
Azumanga Daioh Complete Soundtrack
CD cover art
Release date June 24, 2009
By Kuricoder Pops Orchestra, Oranges & Lemons, Masaki Kurihara
Number of tracks 38 (Disc 1)

34 (Disc 2)

Catalog number LACA-9151

Original Soundtrack It brings together board "Azumanga Daioh" TV Anime (Japanese: TVアニメ「あずまんが大王」オリジナルサウンドトラック おまとめ盤) is the complete soundtrack of Azumanga Daioh: The Animation. It was released especially for the manga's 10th anniversary in 2009. The cover is drawn by Kiyohiko Azuma just for the occasion.

Disc 1 (From Azumanga Daioh OST Vol. 1)

  1. Well, Be the first to start
  2. Mishearing cake (TV size)
  3. At a time like this!
  4. New semester 1
  5. Vacation time Desuka 1
  6. You go slowly
  7. Or ......
  8. Bonkurazu
  9. Somehow
  10. Wonder if you mean
  11. It is not you different ...
  12. - Or at tightrope
  13. Back to School 2
  14. Runaway! Yukari Sensei ~ Part ~
  15. Runaway! Yukari teacher - Second Half
  16. The Melancholy of Chiyo-chan
  17. See you Tomorrow
  18. Is a walk
  19. Back to School 3
  20. Run Chiyo-chan!
  21. Desuka 2 break time
  22. The rest over it tomorrow!
  23. Oh, suspicious ...
  24. New semester 4
  25. Why Yaro
  26. Big deal?
  27. Nice views
  28. Do you have what?
  30. Back to School 5
  31. ... Or was too late
  32. All right
  33. The ......?
  34. New semester 6
  35. ~ Do your best
  36. Night Starry
  37. As this empty
  38. Raspberry heaven (TV size)

Disc 2 (From Azumanga Daioh OST Vol. 2)

  1. 6 people together at any time
  2. It is nice
  3. Are willing ...?
  4. It in moderation
  5. Watch out
  6. Sunset koyake
  7. Ikyatchi 1 "A"
  8. Ibi over body and Shisa?
  9. Walk in the sea
  10. School trip Desuka
  11. To Dream Island
  12. Yamapikarya!
  13. Yamapikarya?
  14. Ikyatchi 2 "A"
  15. Season I've Maya
  16. Together with Maya
  17. Osaka, I talk a lot
  18. Three years between say Innovation "A"
  19. Cherry salmon
  20. Bless little girl
  21. Everyone, all the way, together.
  22. Opening
  23. Explosion Bonkurazu
  24. Chiyo-chan high school at 10 years old
  25. Fancy of Osaka during class
  26. Suspense looking pigtails
  27. Chiyo fantasy
  28. Another Chiyo
  29. At the end of each day
  30. That's OK
  31. All right!
  32. Chiyo-chan not lose
  33. De or how are you ..?
  34. It's make of Chiyo-chan
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