Soramimi Cake空耳ケーキ in Japanese (ADV Media: Cake of Mishearing), is the opening song for the anime. The song is performed by Oranges & Lemons.


Japanese Romaji English
Lu La Lu La ピアノは世界の夢咲く野原にメロディー

こわれた時計を信じて 時間は誰の味方?

Lu La Lu La piano wa sekai no yumesaku nohara ni melody

Kowareta tokei wo shinjite jikan wa dare no mikata?

Lu La Lu La The piano is a melody in the world's field of blooming dreams

Believe in the broken clock and who's side will time be on?

どうしてこんなに私の胸 優しい誰かを待ってるの?

教えて素敵な未来 Moonlight, moonlight sleepin'

Doushite konna ni watashi no mune yasashii dareka wo matteruno?

Oshiete sutekina mirai Moonlight, moonlight sleepin'

Why is my heart waiting so much for that tender-hearted someone?

Tell me a wonderful future Moonlight, moonlight sleepin'

Lu La Lu La 思い出リンゴに目覚めの少女がキスして

せつなく広げた本には ふたりのベルが鳴るよ

Lu La Lu La Omoide ringo ni mezame no shoujo ga kiss shite

Setsunaku hirogeta hon niwa futari no bell ga naruyo

Lu La Lu La The girl of awakenings will kiss the apple of memories and

In a book opened with sorrow and longing, the bell meant for the two of us will ring


もう泣かないでね Good bye sadness 不思議な扉の文字は 『空耳ケーキ』

Dakishimetaikara itoshiihito

Mou nakanaidene Good bye sadness Fushigina tobira no moji wa [Soramimi cake]

Because I want to hold you tight my dear one

Don't cry any more Good bye sadness The words on the mysterious door read "Ear-playing-tricks Cake"

Wonderland! ようこそ君には Fairyland! 愛の魔法なの

Love's all way! 毎日ふわふわ小麦の誘惑

Wonderland! youkoso kiminiwa Fairyland! ai no mahou nano

Love's all way! Mainichi fuwafuwa komugi no yuuwaku

Wonderland! Welcome, to you Fairyland! It's the magic of love

Love's all the way! Every day, the temptations of wheat, so fluffy

Cake for you!

食べてね今夜は Tea for you! 星座のお茶会 窓に天使のコーラス君には空耳?  好きだよ好きだよの声

Cake for you! tabetene konya wa Tea for you! seiza no ochakai

Mado ni tenshi no chorus kiminiwa soramimi? sukidayo sukidayo no koe

CAKE FOR YOU! Eat, for tonight is TEA FOR YOU! A tea-party in the constellations

The chorus of angels at the window is to you, just your ear playing tricks? The voice saying "I love you, I love you"

Lu La Lu La ピアノに世界は夢見る小さなメロディー

指から祈りのワルツが あふれていい気持ちね

Lu La lu La Piano ni sekai wa yumemiru chiisana melody

Yubikara inori no waltz ga afureteii kimochine

LU LA LU LA To the piano the world is a tiny melody that is dreaming dreams

A waltz of prayers overflows from the fingers and it feels oh so nice

いつでも素直な私の胸 静かに眠りのあいさつ

秘密のお願いだから Holy, Holy whisper

Itsudemo sunaona watashi no mune shizuka ni nemuri no aisatsu

Himitsu no onegai dakara Holly,Holly whisper

My heart is always honest, a quiet greeting of sleep

Because it is a secret wish HOLLY,HOLLY WHISPER

Lu La Lu La どこでも暖炉は三日月天から降る日も

凍える旅人の心 とかしてHugしてるよ

Lu La lu La dokodemo danro wa mikkagetten kara oriruhimo

Kogoeru tabibito no kokoro tokashite Hug shiteruyo

LU LA LU LA Everywhere the stove, even when the crescent moon rains down from the

heavens Is thawing and giving a HUG to the freezing traveller's heart

きれいな空気に光りの道 迷わず歩けば Welcome pleasure

瞳に浮かんだ文字は 『空耳ケーキ』

Kireina kuuki ni hikari no michi mayowasu arukeba Welcome pleasure

Hitomi ni ukanda moji wa [Soramimi no cake]

A path of light in the clean air, if I walk along without straying WELCOME

PLEASURE The words that appeared in the eyes read "Ear-playing-tricks Cake"

Wonderland! ようこそ君には Fairyland! 恋の喜びを

Love's all way! 毎日わくわく小麦の冒険

Wonderland! youkoso kiminiwa Fairyland! koi no yorokobi wo

Love's all way! mainichi wakuwaku komugi no bouken

WONDERLAND! Welcome, for you FAIRYLAND! The joys of love

LOVE'S ALL THE WAY! Every day, the adventures in wheat, so exciting

Cake for you! 小さな幸せ Tea for you! 大きな笑顔で

窓に天使のコーラス 君には空耳? 好きだよ好きだよの声

Cake for you! chiisana shiawase Tea for you! daisukina egao de

mado ni tenshi no chorus kiminiwa soramimi? sukidayo sukidayo no koe

CAKE FOR YOU! A simple happiness TEA FOR YOU! With a big smile

The chorus of angels at the window is to you, just your ear playing tricks? The voice saying "I love you, I love you"

Soramimi Cake

Screenshot of Soramimi Cake.

Lyrics (ADV Media Version)

Lu La Lu La, a piano sends its melody to the fields of dreams all over the world.
Believing the broken clock,
Whose side is time on?
Why is my heart waiting so eagerly for someone kind?
Tell me my wonderful future.
Moonlight, moonlight sleepin'.
Lu La Lu La, a girl awakens to the apple of memories and bestows a kiss.
In the book spread open in sorrow,
Their bell rings.
Because I want to hug the one dear to me,
Don't cry anymore, goodbye sadness.
The letters on the mysterious door say "fancy hearing cake".
Welcome, for you …
It's the magic of love.
Love's all way!
Everyday, the fluffy temptation of wheat.
Cake for you!
Please eat, tonight …
Tea for you!
Is a tea party of constellations.
A chorus of angels at the window.
Did you just fancy hearing that?
The voices saying "I love you, I love you."



The video of the opening song has spawned something of an Internet meme, with many variations of the song using characters from different franchises gaining popularity online. Some examples include Fate/Stay NightRagnarok OnlineVocaloidThe Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaYu-Gi-Oh!Naruto and Yotsuba&! versions. Other variations feature Tomo failing to make the jump and instead having a bad accident (such as crashing through the ceiling or being outright killed by the logo).

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