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Osaka Shoe Kick (also known as Throwing the Shoe and Osaka Kicks Shoe) is an Internet meme from 2005 inspired by Azumanga Daioh. Its origin was the sixth episode of the anime, in which Osaka tries to predict the weather by kicking off her shoe and seeing on which side it lands, but it fails since the shoe lands on a truck passing by and both her and Chiyo stare at it in surprise (ironically, this never happened in the manga since Osaka in fact hoped for bad weather the following day). Internet users started making GIFs featuring something entirely different and unexpected happening when Osaka kicks her shoe off, and her and Chiyo's reactions typically follow. Famous examples include an exploding ship, a different vehicle picking up the shoe, or a hydrogen bomb.

The first version was uploaded on YTMND on the 21th of June, 2005. It became a minor but noteworthy success online.

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