Masaaki Ohyama

Masaaki Ohyama

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Masaaki Ohyama (大山将明 Ōyama Masaaki) is the girls' bespectacled male classmate in 10th grade. In the original manga, his performance in the exam is very good, and he appears to be one of the brightest students of Class 3 besides Chiyo Mihama. His English language writing skill surpasses even that of his teacher at the time when he first enters high school.[1] Yukari nominates him as a class representative, judging by the 

Masaaki Ohyama in the manga. Though he appears infrequently, he has his time in the spotlight.

fact that he wears glasses[2] (a meganekko or megane for the male version often appears in such a role in many manga and anime). This job continues until he resigns in September and yields the post to Chiyo Mihama.[2] He also serves as the graduate representative in the very end.[3] His character seldom appears in the anime. He admires Kimura, like most of the male students. He is also left-handed as seen once when he is writing in the manga.[1]

Voice Actors


Hiroyuki Yoshino


Bubba Callahan (?)


  • Ohyama was supposedly born in 1984.[4]



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