Kagura "I won't lose tomorrow GO! FRIEND!"
神楽“明日は負けないGO! FRIEND! ”
Kagura CD
CD cover art
Release date July 24, 2002
By Houko Kuwashima
Number of tracks 4
Catalog number LACM-4065

Kagura "I won't lose tomorrow GO! FRIEND!" (Japanese: 神楽“明日は負けないGO! FRIEND! ”), is a CD featuring Kagura's character song. It was released on July 24, 2002.

  1. I won't lose tomorrow GO! FRIEND! (明日は負けないGO! FRIEND!)
  2. Lazy Crazy Bonkurazu' '('Lazy Crazy ボンクラーズ')
  3. I won't lose tomorrow GO! FRIEND! (明日は負けないGO! FRIEND!(off vocal))
  4. Lazy Crazy Bonkurazu' '('Lazy Crazy ボンクラーズ'(off vocal))
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