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ChiSaka, or ChiyOsaka, is the fan-made name for the couple consisting of Osaka and Chiyo from Azumanga Daioh. This is a yuri coupling.

In canon

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Chiyo and Osaka riding the same bike.

Chiyo and Osaka have a friendly relationship, as the former is Osaka's closest friend from her class. It begins when Osaka joins Chiyo's class and they team up for a P.E. lesson. One of the main ways in which they are similar is that they are both terrible at physical education, as seen when they ran the marathon and both ended up gasping for breath afterwards.[1] They both have kind personalities and are calm in temper.
Rudolph theories

Chiyo impressed with Osaka's speculations about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Chiyo is the one who is most intrigued by Osaka's strange theories and thinking and seems to understand them best. This is likely due to Chiyo's childlike naivety which Osaka shares. This aspect of their relationship is perhaps especially clear in the manga. Chiyo also respects Osaka enough to use the formal suffix "-san" when referring to her (as in "Osaka-san"), something she does with everyone except Tomo.

Osaka, sad to leave Chiyo-chan.

Osaka was very sad when she thought that she and Chiyo-chan would be separated because she couldn't find her real name Kasuga in the class roster at the start of her second high school year.[2]

During the part seen entirely through Chiyo-chan's eyes, she reflects on how often Osaka falls asleep in class and speculates that Osaka might be a night owl. She also appreciated Osaka's efforts in cleaning, albeit she was not very good at it.[3]

Azumanga Daioh Osaka Waitress Chiyo-chan Penguin

Osaka feeding Chiyo during the cultural festival in an anime-only scene.


Osaka daydreams about Chiyo's pigtails

Right from the beginning of their time spent together, Osaka has been fascinated with Chiyo's pigtails, almost to the point of obsession. She dreams about them several times, daily and nightly. Most of Osaka's dreams in general involve Chiyo in one way or another. In her dreams, Chiyo's pigtails allow her to fly, are detachable, and/or control her. This sometimes scares Osaka so much that she has to test it in real life so as to be sure that it was all a dream.[4] When Chiyo changed her hairstyle, Osaka initially believed that her pigtails had moved on their own.[5]

In fandom

Azumanga calendar monthly 2003

Chiyo and Osaka in the 2003 monthly calendar

This is the most popular pairing involving Osaka, despite not being one of the most common pairings overall, even being regarded as a crack pairing at times.[6] The ChiSaka fandom usually depicts them as friends, though romantic fanfics related to the pairing do exist.


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