Chapter 22 pt1

Chapter 22 pt2

Title: 9 September

Published: Approximately October – November 2000 in Dengeki Daioh

Volume 3

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Next Chapter → 23


Part 1

  • Hip hip hooray
  • "S"
  • Autumn
  • Chestnut rice
  • Osaka-man
  • Honesty is the best policy
  • Summer vacation is ...
  • Atrocious
  • Terrible
  • Information
  • If I can't pet them ...
  • Cat photos
  • Here we go!
  • Photos of the biting cat
  • Results

Part 2

  • Let's go, Chiyo-chan
  • Today's fortune is ...
  • Caught in the act
  • Early warning
  • Tricky question
  • I'm a teacher
  • No, I'm not!
  • Unrecommended menu
  • The bill
  • Attack
  • Great [in English]
  • Eyes
  • Happy
  • Oh, nothing
  • Birthday


  • After learning that Tomo and Osaka perform poorly in school, Kagura refers to them as knuckleheads. Osaka also calls the others this.
  • Osaka wears a mask that she bought at the summer festival, and Yomi mentions a goldfish that Chiyo apparently won when they were there and Yukari forced her to take home.
  • Yukari has previously called Nyamo an idiot for being "just" a gym teacher, which she does here too.



Cultural References

  • Osaka wears a mask shaped like Ultraman from the long-running, live-action TV classic of the same name.
  • Because she can't pet them, Sakaki decides to take pictures of cats instead. She also looks in a book of cat photos. Later she goes to have her photos developed.
  • When Nyamo gets a birthday present from her class, Yukari angrily compares her to a teacher from a bad teen drama.

Unanswered Questions

  • It is not answered what scores Yomi and Sakaki got on the test.
  • Sakaki uses a camera, but it is unknown from where she got it, and when.
  • Chiyo makes a wish when she crosses the street, but we do not know what she wished for.
  • Yukari and Nyamo encounter a foreigner, but we do not get find out what he wanted from them, or what country he was from.

Memorable Moments

  • Kagura, Tomo and Osaka are referred to as knuckleheads for the first time.
  • Sakaki comes up with the brilliant idea of photographing cats instead of trying to pet them, but not even this works – the cats jump away, and Sakaki's photos of Kamineko are just one big blur. Nevertheless, Sakaki keeps them.
  • When the teachers meet a foreigner, Yukari hides just to watch Nyamo make a fool of herself, and then talks with the foreigner about how stupid gym teachers are.
  • Here, we find out that Tadakichi-san is a Great Pyrenees, a French dog.
  • Yukari gets very envious when Nyamo gets a birthday present from her class, while her own class forgets about her birthday.


16px-Quote1 Ohh, so Tadakichi-san's French? S'il vous plaît, Tadakichi! 16px-Quote2
16px-Quote1 Ooh, talkin' with the eyes, huh? Aww, I can't talk French. 16px-Quote2
Osaka (on the idea of speaking with Tadakichi-san through the eyes)
Yukari (to Nyamo)
16px-Quote1 Oh, by the way … I hear that Kurosawa-sensei next door got a very nice birthday present from her class. 16px-Quote2
Yukari (to her class)

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