Azumanga: Kiyohiko Azuma Anthology  (あずまんが あずまきよひこ作品集 Azumanga: Azuma Kiyohiko Sakuhinshū) is an all-Japanese anthology compiled of works by Kiyohiko Azuma, such as manga and art.[1] In this context, the term "Azumanga" is used to mean "manga made by Azuma". It was released on July 31, 1998. It contains a mini CD-ROM featuring digital comic strips, and is 128 pages long. It was published by Pioneer LCD and MediaWorks. One of the works featured in the anthology is the 16-page manga Samy 4999, and it also includes artwork Azuma produced for the OVA Battle Athletes Daiundoukai, CD Tenchi Muyou!, Makunouchi Bento, Radio Deneibako, JUKE BOX series, El Hazard, Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, and more.[2]


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